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When in Beijing…


Summer of 2010. I spent five glorious days in Beijing, China. It was awesome. I was going home to visit my family in Jakarta when I figured I might as well tack on a few days and visit an old friend who was living in Beijing at the time (Hi Jarkko!). I had never been to China, I had a place to stay, so why the hell not, right? So I bought my ticket in like April, and waited eagerly for the trip. Unfortunately, about a few weeks before the trip, my friend told me that due to some sucky unforeseen circumstances he wasn’t going to be in Beijing at the time of my visit. DOOM! That was a total bummer. But anyways, he told me I can still stay at his place and he’ll have his friends (which consisted exclusively of Swedish dudes) show me around town. Well, seeing that I’m not the type who would say no to Swedish dudes a free baller apartment in the middle of an exotic city, I was stoked!

So there I was. In the middle of a strange city (where by the way, NO ONE speaks English – seriously, it was mindblowing), hangin’ out with a bunch of Swedish dudes, and having the best time of my life.

Okay. Since I have spent a total of five days in Beijing, I now consider myself an expert (obviously). So here is what I suggest you do (food-wise), when you find yourself in Beijing:

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Dim Dimmie Dim Dim (Sum)


It was one of those days. I woke up with an insatiable craving for steamed meat in baskets. Dim sum, babes!

I love, love, luuuurrrrrvvee (imagine me purring here) dim sum! We Asians prefer the savory stuff for breakfast to those sweet syrup-drenched dishes you Emricans eat. Pancakes and french toasts? Yes, they can be absolutely delicious and I certainly have fond memories of eating them (Usually made by dangerously sexy breakfast companions, meow!) (Note: this really only happened twice, but I wanted to seem in-demand, rawr!), but I’d take dim sum any day.

This particular day, I woke up STARVING. I grabbed a friend and off we went to the closest place to my apartment that would have an authentic dim sum experience: Brooklyn’s Chinatown.

See, not many people are aware of this adoraballs little ‘hood in the Borough Park. When people think Chinatown, they think Manhattan. While the Manhattan one is huge and densely packed with every imaginable Asian restaurant, the Brooklyn one has one clear advantage: it’s closer to my house.

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