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Cha-Cha-Chain Me to The Tables at Cha Cha Chicken – LA


My dear shimmering glistening beautiful little cherubs, I dare you to tell me that the picture above is not the most beautiful sight you’ve seen today. Amiright amiright? You’re welcome.

Okay peeps, today I will take you to a magical place called Cha Cha Chicken. This place is seriously off the hook delicious. It’s a Caribbean joint in Santa Monica, LA. Yup, we are still in LA. I have saved the best for last for this place is ridiculous. Do you guys know that Henry IV was such a chicken fiend that he once said, “I want there to be no peasant in my kingdom so poor that he cannot have a chicken in his pot every Sunday” ? True story. Well if dude was still kickin’ it today, he would’ve said “I want there to be no peasant in my kingdom so poor that he cannot have a cha cha chicken in his pot every Sunday,” because their chicken is bananas.

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Dim Dimmie Dim Dim (Sum)


It was one of those days. I woke up with an insatiable craving for steamed meat in baskets. Dim sum, babes!

I love, love, luuuurrrrrvvee (imagine me purring here) dim sum! We Asians prefer the savory stuff for breakfast to those sweet syrup-drenched dishes you Emricans eat. Pancakes and french toasts? Yes, they can be absolutely delicious and I certainly have fond memories of eating them (Usually made by dangerously sexy breakfast companions, meow!) (Note: this really only happened twice, but I wanted to seem in-demand, rawr!), but I’d take dim sum any day.

This particular day, I woke up STARVING. I grabbed a friend and off we went to the closest place to my apartment that would have an authentic dim sum experience: Brooklyn’s Chinatown.

See, not many people are aware of this adoraballs little ‘hood in the Borough Park. When people think Chinatown, they think Manhattan. While the Manhattan one is huge and densely packed with every imaginable Asian restaurant, the Brooklyn one has one clear advantage: it’s closer to my house.

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Sate My Love: Queens’ Indonesian Food Bazaar


I’ve been really home sick lately. Like really, really home sick. The downside to living eight billion miles away from home is just that, it’s eight billion miles away. A plane ticket home costs an arm and a leg, a phone call puts you back another set of arm and leg, and (very) lonely holiday seasons. For me personally, the biggest downside is not having the delicious oh so god damn delicious food that Indonesia is all about.

Growing up in Jakarta, food was such a significant part of my life. Not only that I was so lucky to have a mama that to this day is still the best cook I’ve ever encountered, delectable food was just everywhere. There are tons of amazing restaurants all over the city, covering all kinds of Indonesian food. Please note that Indonesia is an archipelago of umm I don’t know, nineteen THOUSAND islands, with over three hundred different original tribes and cultures. And Jakarta being the capital, the hub of the country, is where all those people from all different islands and backgrounds come to live. This my friends, means that in Jakarta, you can get so many different kinds of food. The street food industry alone is effing ridiculous! In a day’s worth, you can have dozens of different food vendors passing your house, all selling yummy dishes from a makeshift cart, for super cheap. I MISS IT SO DAMN MUCH.

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Beers and (More) Dumplings: Vanessa’s Dumpling House


I should just really call this whole site the dumpling blog. The Blumpling. I think that has a nice ring to it, right?

So yes, you are now reading a post about dumplings. Again. Yes.
I love dumplings. Who doesn’t?
Especially when they are 8 for $3.75. If that’s not recession proof I don’t know what is.

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Choripan Island!

I work in Hoboken.
And that’s all I got to say about that.
If you have nothin nice to say, don’t say nuthin! That’s how that saying go, right?

Hoboken, albeit very yuppy and absolutely wretched by default because it’s where my office is (come on, no one likes going to work!) (unless you’re food critic?) (i’m kidding again, my office is wonderful, really, i love my job, please don’t fire me, i’m very poor), actually does have some nice things:

– the pretty view of manlessttan (see previous post)
– clean streets
– the fancy daycares with them KinderVans (seriously one of the craziest things i’ve ever seen, though also the cutest! really! it’s like the babies are on a movie studio tour!)
– pretty Jersey people, if you’re into that (ed note: me not so much)
– and oh yes, pretty good restaurant scene!

Actually, let me clarify that. I’ve never been out to theBoken (yes, let’s start calling it that) at night, so I don’t really know what the dinner scene is like. However, lunch is pretty cool. One avenue away from my office is a main strip (Washington?) where they have oh I don’t know, eight million restaurants a block? They’re good and please go during lunch because duh lunch-specials and you might run into me! In which case you will immediately compliment this blog and offer to buy me the most expensive thing on the menu. And it’s not even that expensive, it’s lunch! Read the rest of this entry »

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Good Dogs Bad (Photo) Jobs


Update: Some photos have been anonymized by request of disgruntled party. All “Mr. Manfriend” references have now been replaced with “SOMEDUDE”. Thank you.

This entry is about the best hot dogs I’ve ever had..so far anyways! After this experience I am now officially a hot dog connoisseur. Yup! No more street dogs from them NYC carts (always next to the raunchy smelling peanut carts by the way), only “gourmet” dogs for me from now on!

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Thai Dinner #87965

So it is very difficult to write a blog post while you are anticipating a new episode of LOST.
Yes, I am a fan of the show.
By a fan I mean a super fan.
By a super fan I mean I am completely, ridiculously, Facebook-friend-of-a-few-fictional-characters-from-the-show obsessed.

But no worries, I am also a super fan of good Thai food.
Forget that, only GREAT Thai food.
Dudes, when you live in NYC, ethnic food is EVERYWHERE. And there are loads of good ones. Good Thai food is a dime in a dozen (read: Park Slope & Carroll Gardens). But great Thai? Mm.. just like finding a cute, smart, non-commitment-phobe dude in NY, it is very rare. Read the rest of this entry »

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