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Another Day Another (LA) Diner – Swingers


Hello good people of the interwebs, we are now nearing the end of my LA posts from last year’s trip. I got another one after this one and then we are done done done. I’m actually going to LA again in a few weeks to have some sun day fun days with two of my girlfriends. We are going to shop on rodeo drive check out some thrift stores, hang out with super hot celebrities get drunk at some random dive bar, drive to malibu in a sick convertible probably get lost taking the bus since none of us actually know how to drive, and eat at some super classy gourmet spots spend at least 4 hours chasing the Kogi truck. It’s going to be epic.

Anyways, this post is about Swingers, a diner that my friend Alan took me to on the last day of my trip. I think there are two locations, but we went to the one in Santa Monica. Dudes, Santa Monica is rad. You see what I did there? I’m writing about LA so I used “rad” instead of “cool”. I’m such a brilliant writer.
Seriously though, it’s rad. I liked the shops and the restaurants, and it totally doesn’t hurt that it’s right near the beach. A real beach, not like Coney Island. It was awesome. We walked around for a bit and then we went to Swingers for breakfast.

From the outside, it looked super cute:


The inside was also cute:

I was hoping to run into Vince Vaugn and Jon Favreau from Swingers but then I realized that that has nothing to do with it so yeah. By the way, didn’t Vince Vaugn use to be totally hot? Now he’s all bloated and stuff.. sigh.


Here’s the menu (I don’t know why I took a picture of it):


And here’s some of the breakfast offerings:

Alan ordered the soyrizo scramble, because even though he’s born and raised in Brooklyn he now lives in sunny California and is now healthy and crunchy and all that poo. I ordered the huevos rancheros because, well babes, I friekin love huevos rancheros. Rice and beans and eggs for breakfast? YES PLEASE SHOVE IMMEDIATELY INTO MY MOUTH. I also ordered a side of chicken sausage (you know, protein for energy, err) and nixed the guacamole because even though guacamole is absolutely sexy and delicious, this lady is deathly allergic. One of life’s cruel cruel jokes. So I nixed the guac and asked for extra extra extra jalapenos on top (because I’m Asian and unless it’s spicy I ain’t eatin’ it).

I didn’t have to worry about making things spicy though. We’re in LA and one thing that LA people always have on their restaurant tables:
Hot sauce! Please disregard the agave nectar, it need not be there.


Here’s Alan:


Here’s his soyrizo scramble:
Alright, I gotta be honest. It was yummy. I am now totally pro-soyrizo. TEAM RIZO!


Here’s my huevos rancheros:

Unfortunately, I can’t say the same for my order. It was “meh”. The rice and beans were kinda bland, there was too much cheese all over, and the ranchero sauce could’ve used an extra pinch of salt. To make things worse, they took all the seeds out of my jalapenos! What the what! What’s the point of ordering extra jalapenos if they took all the seeds out? It was not spicy at all. Waaah. I was disappointed.

The only good thing about my order was my chicken sausage, which was beautiful and shiny and handsome and rugged and tasty and naughty and delicious:
I know, it looks gnarly. But it was good. Trust.


Anyways here’s how much everything came out to:
Standard diner fare.

Swingers, you get Photobucket two hungrymias: I was not satisfied. I don’t think I’ll be swinging that way for a while.

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  1. lc says:

    i have my license

    • miahungrylongtime says:

      I have yet to see actual proof that you can drive. I will withhold judgement until proven otherwise =D

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