Mia Hungry Long Time!

Breakfast at Metro Diner – LA (March 2010)

If you don’t hear from me again after this post publishes, it’s because Alan has murdered my ass. You see, Metro Diner is Alan’s favorite breakfast/brunch spot in LA and it is kind of a secret. Whoops, NOT ANYMORE. Now that I have published it in my blog, everyone knows! By everyone I mean approximately seven more people know!

So yeah, at this point I was still in LA. I think this is the day after the Arcadia soup dumplings meh-ness. We went out and got drunk right after that at this swanky speak easy style bar somewhere in West Hollywood. I forgot what it’s called but it was crazy. My drink was this cucumber martini thing which I suspect was just cucumber juice and like Georgie vodka (kidding!) but it was like forty five bucks a glass. I’m exaggerating. It was more like forty four. Anyways there were a bunch of celebrities there too like some cast member from Always Sunny, and Aziz Ansari. I also totally had a brain fart moment that night and made a complete fool of myself in front of them “important” peeps but that’s a story for another day.

ANYWAY, we got hammered blah blah so brunch was fo sho’ in order the next day. So we went to Metro Diner.

So again, this was like a million years ago so I totally forgot those little but important details that’s good to put in when you’re writing a blog post about a place but hey what are you gonna do? I do, however, remember one thing: our server/ possible manager/ possible owner was SMOKIN’ HOT. Hello! Forget the coffee, I will have a cup of you with extra cream. RAWR!

But he didn’t want me. So I got the coffee.

Here is the menu:

Here’s a view from the window:
Lovely view of gas station and palm trees. SO LA.

Here’s Alan, morning mode.

And there’s yours truly, also morning mode, fake smilin’ it to THE MAX.

I think Alan got a portobello omelet.

Yup, definitely portobello. I tasted it. It was so good.

I got this lovely plate called the California Scramble (I think):
People, pay attention: this thing was OFF THE HOOK!

We will now dissect the plate item per item.

Item 1: the scrambled thingy:


Which consists of Item 1.a: the eggs:
I know it looks gross but dudes, it was so awesome. The eggs were a perfect velvet-y mess.


Underneath Item 1.a was Item 1.b & c: spinach and mushrooms:
No explanation needed. Just look at that picture. DROOLFEST.


Now we move on to Item 2: potatoes:
Good crispy potatoes. What else am I gonna say? They’re potatoes. They’re good, that’s that.


And finally, we now land on Item 3 & 4: bread and fruit:


I pretty much freaked out. I love papayas oh lordy lord I love them so much. This little slice of papaya totally made my day, it was so fresh and sweet and delicious:


So there you go kids. That was my brunch at Alan’s not-so-secret favorite brunch spot, the Metro Diner.


Metro Diner, you get Photobucket four hungrymias! Totally delish. I totally would’ve given you five hungrymias if you sexy server dude had fallen to my advances, but alas!


After brunch Alan and I went to the beach where we chilaxed to the max.



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  1. lc says:

    27 million dollars a glass. I LOVE SPEAKING IN HYPERBOLES

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