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Testing blogging on the go

Okay so I know I’ve been MIA yeah yeah bad blogger I get it. I have hundreds of backed up pictures and I’ll get to them. And oh, I miss you guys too, my sweet cherubs.

Anyways in an attempt to get myself out of the dark ages, I bought myself a fancy little toy: the new iPod touch (4g). While it’s beautiful and sexy and stuff (hd video cam and front facing camera!!!), the regular camera sucks major ballage. So it’s prob won’t replace my trusty laptop for regular posting, but since there’s a wordpress app I figure it’ll be great for blogging on the go! So here’s my first attempt.

I cant caption or embed pics on this thing so they’re all at the end of this post. Anyways the pics are from a few mins ago (OMFG technology!) from my lunch date at Sri Thai, my absolute favorite Thai joint in Hoboken. I went with my impossibly good-looking coworkers, Sarah and Ryan. I got shrimp fried rice, S got fried tofu and duck salad, and R got BBQ beef. Babes, they were delicious!

So there you go. Blogging on the go. I hope this doesn’t look like crap, I can’t preview it for some reason. Sorry for the crappy pictures!

Kisses and garlic breath,


PS: typing on a touchscreen is the suck. You bitches better appreciate!

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welcome to my food blog. my name is mia. i’m a 30 year old food obsessed indonesian (jakarta born and raised, woot woot) who’s been living (happily) in brooklyn, new york, for the past eleven years. i am not a chef, nor a culinary writer. but i know what i love (read:food) and i’m here to share the love.

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