Mia Hungry Long Time!

A lesson in posing (a barely food-related post)

So I have NOT been in the mood to write in this blog lately. I’ve been going through a little bit of a health issue. It’s nothing major, just a thyroid thing, and everything is pretty much under control but the medication I’m taking is affecting my appetite hard core. Like I’m not as hungry as I usually am. And that, babes, is a major tragedy.
Once I get this thing completely taken care of, then I should go back to being superhungrylongtime. Until then, blah-city! I do have a back log in posts and I’ll put those up eventually.

Anyways, earlier this week I visited a family that I used to work for. I used to work as a full time nanny for them and even though it’s been a few years since I quit, we have stayed extremely close. I love them, especially the kids, those lil’ monsters.

The little girl, let’s call her Munchkin, is a big ball of adorableness. Seriously, this girl is so damn cute. I take pictures of her constantly, and this afternoon was no exception. She loves it.

First, I try to get her to give me a normal beauty shot.

“Munchkin, give me a big ol’ gorgeous smile!”

“Stay still, damn it. Still!”

Of course she won’t stay still, that beautiful little brat.

“Mia! Let’s do funny face picture!”

“No! Pretty smile!”




“Let me see! Let me see!”

*I showed her the picture

“Okay now you do one too! FUNNY FACE MIA!”



“Mia that’s no funny picture! MORE FUNNY! Like me!”

“Okay, Munchkin.”

She looked at the picture.

Clearly disappointed, she said “Mia you’re bad. That’s no funny. You no funny!”
And with that she walked away.

Defeated, I bribed her with a cupcake. (see I told you this is barely food related)

Gosh, she is beautiful.
I watched her eat the cupcake in superhuman speed.

“Mia take more picture! I wanna do pretty smile picture now!”

“But, Munchkin, you have cupcake all over your face. Let me wipe it off first.”

“NO! Pretty smile picture now!”


She was right. It doesn’t get any more “pretty smile”-y than that.

This girl has my heart.

Hope ya’ll doing well.

Love and lots of pretty smiles,


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  1. pai says:

    hi mia, from Indonesia ? I often read your blog, always make me hungry, I love food but I don’t have camera hehehhe, keep blogging, have a nice day 🙂

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