Mia Hungry Long Time!

Black Bear Bar and Grill


So I have just gotten approved for a one month leave of absence by my company for a home visit this summer. That’s right, one whole month! To say that I am ecstatic is a complete understatement. It’s been seven years since I’ve been home and dudes, it is time. I miss my mom, my dad, my three brothers, and my sister. I miss Jakarta, and most of all, I miss the food.

Anyways, in preparation of this visit home, I need to lose ten pounds! Yes, I am aware that I am (kinda) thin and I don’t necessarily need (or want!) to lose weight. However, due to the omgdeliciousness of Indonesian food, I know I’m going to be eating like damn heffer for every second of every day that I am there. So, to anticipate the inevitable weight gain (at an estimated ten pounds haha), I need to lose that weight so when I come back to good ol’ NYC I will at least look the same.

I’m going home in July, four months from now. Considering that I am lazy and just ridiculously weak-willed when it comes to dieting, I figured it will take me about three months to do this (at the superhuman pace of three pounds lost a month).SOOOOOoooo, that leaves me about a month to eat whatever I want. I started this wonderful fat-filled 30 days by eating a gigantic lunch at the Black Bear in Hoboken.

The Black Bear is a restaurant/pub in Hoboken, New Jersey. I’ve been there quite a few times as it is only four blocks from my office. Normally, I would have a wrap or a burger, but this time since I’m on a special mission I decided to go a different way.

Before I show you the pictures, let me tell you that it is always damn dark in there! This does not make a good food blog post. Seriously I was so upset that it was so dim in the back room, where they have the tables (the front is the pub).

Dim lighting is fabulous and romantic and all, but really not good for taking pictures of food. Well, maybe not with my crappy point and shoot. But I look pretty good!
Wait a minute, what the hell is up with my hair? Why is that one piece sticking out and defying gravity? Oh lord.

Anyways, due the sexy lighting, I had to take the pictures with flash. So here comes a small bunch of overexposed food pictures.

My friend J-Rod (not to be confused with J-Wow) had a guacamole turkey burger:

Dudes that thing looked amazing.
Unfortunately since I’m still deathly allergic to avocado I couldn’t taste it. Why God why????
She said it was really good though. Sure looked it.

My friend Marc had the Adirondack Chicken Sandwich:

As for me, per my new free-fat-for-all plan, went with the ultra delicious rigatoni a la vodka, with grilled shrimp.

Babes, oh babes, that thing was so NOMMMMMMMMMMMMM-able.
Nothing like a hearty plate of perfectly al-dente pasta smothered with a beautiful creamy vodka sauce topped with sweet grilled shrimp for lunch. I was in a serious food coma immediately after, I spent the rest of the afternoon struggling to focus on work. That was a lie. I didn’t even try to work. Instead I spent the afternoon sleepily looking at pictures of Indonesian food.

Seriously, it was perfect. The sauce was tasty, and not overwhelmingly creamy and sweet. And the portion was massive, aptly Mia-sized.
I killed it.

Prices were decent, exactly what you would expect from this sort of joint. Of course my rigatoni topped the charts at $16.95 but hey, it’s more like dinner food anyways. Totally worth the money.

Here’s their info:

Rating: Photobucket = three hungrymias. My rigatoni was perfectly delicious, but hey, it’s not exactly rocket science to make a decent pasta a ala vodka. I’ll have to investigate their other dishes before giving it more (or less) stars hungrymias. It’s a really good place for lunch though. Our waitress was super sweet and attentive and the food came fast.

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