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Boozy Birthday Brunch 2010


Hi y’all! How’s 2010 treatin’ you so far?

Mine kind of blows so far, actually, it’s been insanely sucky, but I’ll whine to you in a separate post. This post will solely be dedicated to the anniversary of another year’s past since my parents did the dirty and made little ol’ me! Aka: my birthday!

I turned 29 last month. 29? What? That’s insane! You look like a baby! Thank you, I know. Thank you God for making me Asian. PS: I feel like I talk about being Asian so much in this blog. But I AM one, and hey I got Asian Pride! Asian Asian Asian Asian Asian x 100000

Sorry about that.

Anyways, this year I decided to not have a raging party to celebrate the burfday. I had a bangin party last year, and to be honest, 29 isn’t really like a magical uber important milestone anyways. Next year though, watch out. I’m going all out. Crystal, coke, and hookers. Y’all invited.

So this year I decided to have a little soiree at one of my favorite brunch spots in BK: Sette Enoteca.

Sette is a modern Italian joint in Part Slope, Brooklyn. It’s on 8th avenue, a huge strip of restaurants, coffee shops, bars, boutiques, baby stores, run by the baby mafia of Brooklyn. I’m just kidding about the baby mafia thing. Kind of. Ferrealz, mad babies up in there, all cute in their hip designer baby gears, my uterus gets all violent and I can barely handle it. Anyways, it’s a nice area. Lots of trees and all the restaurants are nicely decorated. Including Sette.

The best thing about Sette is their food specials. The lunch deal is cheap and delicious, but their brunch special really rocks my world. For $18, you get coffee/tea, house bread (a yummy raisin bread thing), a choice of appetizer, a choice of entree, and unlimited wine drinks and bloody marys. UNLIMITED. If you’re friends with lushes, like I am, this is the easiest way to lure them out of their wine-spilled, never made, hangover-clouded beds on weekend mornings. So Sette was the obvious choice. I mean here they are, up and about at 1.30 in the afternoon on a Sunday! What in the hell?

I won’t tell you all their names, because i know you don’t care.

This is Joan and Stacey. I’m telling you their names because when it comes to cute girls, I know you care.
However, please note that Miss Joan is taken. And here are her captors:

Her husband, Tulus and baby girl Sophie. Sophie is their first child, and oh lordy, she is one cute baby. Like I want to steal her away cute.

I mean, we look so cute together!

Unfortunately, I’m pretty sure that she hates me. This is the first baby I encountered that did not fall head over heels for me. She didn’t laugh or smile when I make silly noises, instead she just looked me with judging eyes, as if saying, bitch please, I already don’t like you, those silly noises just make you look desperate.
Anyways, Joan assured me that she is indeed just a baby, and that she will fall in love with me in due time. Also, apparently she’s somewhat of a patterned-clothing connoisseur, and since I was wearing boring solid colors, I was deemed not interesting enough.
UNTIL NEXT TIME baby girl! I’m gonna show up wearing all crazy ass patterns. We shall see.

Speaking of cute girls, here’s another one:
My friend Logan! She’s been on this blog a bunch of times.
Look at her hat, how adorable.

Anyways, all my friends came, and I was really happy.

Actually, now that I think about it, a bunch of people canceled. Yeah, I’m looking at you: Yuli, Ryan, and Val. Bitches.
I know it was -56789 degrees out, but it was my special day. You bitches are dead to me.

I’m just kidding. You guys took me out to birthday dinners that upcoming week, and I was really happy.

OH MY GOD OKAY OKAY, I know you’re all falling asleep.

Here’s the food part of this post.

Stacey ordered baked eggs with tomato sauce and polenta:
Whoah babes, that thing is good. I had it before and I totally recommend it.

Joan got the eggs benedict:
Friekin huge portions at this place. Perfect for a heffer like me. YUM.

Sam got an egg white omelette:
Sam is a total hottie, but she’s taken, so you don’t get to see her face.

And somebody got lasagna:
January was mad long ago, I can no longer remember. I obviously have alzheimers.

As for me, I got one of the specials:

That’s right. I said lobster. With eggs. What!
It was my birthday, I can have lobster for breakfast if I want to. Simmer down hoes.

Babes, this dish is probably one of the most delicious brunch dishes I have ever tasted. The eggs were perfectly cooked, firm whites, runny yolks (I can’t believe there are still places that fuck this up). The foccacia bread has good texture and was seasoned well. Instead of regular ol’ run of the mill hollandaise sauce, the eggs were topped with a tomato sabayon. The salad has a tasty house vinaigrette on it. And the lobster… oh baby.. the lobster…

That thing was stupendous. First of all, it was huge. They didn’t skimp out at all. Totally filling. Perfectly cooked lobster is like hooking up with a really, really, really, really hot guy. It only happens once in a while because you really can’t handle the consuming yet fleeting bliss that ensues, but totally worth it because it’s just so god damn yummy.

Anyways, I destroyed that thing. Like, I destroyed it.

Happy friekin birthday to me! OOOOHHH LOBSSSTEEEERRRR!

So there you go. Please go to Sette and check out their brunch. It’s insanely filling, super cheap, good food (not spectacular but really good), and you can have dozens of glasses of these:

I probably had 7 bellinis.

I had a really wonderful time. Thanks guys for treating me to such a decadent brunch (of course I deserve it, I’m friekin awesome) and thanks for coming out when it was sooooooooooooooo cold outside.

Rating: Photobucket: 4 hungrymias. The food gets 3, but the insanely cheap ass price and the unlimited drinks gets an extra hungrymia.

Okay, one more cute picture of lil Sofe:

I’ll make you love me little girl. One day!

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6 Responses

  1. Dan Morelle says:

    Because you can’t not be not surprised.

  2. aisha says:

    You and baby soph are just toooo tooo adorable. I’m sorry I missed ur bday.
    am glad that u had heaps of fun! yaa knoo I care for u from head to toe. don’t get used to it tho! lol. :p

  3. Mia says:

    You get one free pass Sha, and now it’s used. No more missing birthdays from now on! xoxoxoxo

  4. jojo says:

    Awww she will love you just like I love you!! That was good food mi! The soup was amazing too

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