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Greasy Sexy in New Jersey – Tun Tavern


One weekend last month, my friends and I went to Atlantic City for a little road trip. I was craving a relaxing, serene vacation weekend where I can drink like an idiot and lose money at blackjack tables, so naturally AC came to mind.

I’ve been to AC once, seven years ago, with my boyfriend at the time and some friends. We went for just one night, stayed up the entire time, just to gamble gamble gamble. I barely remember it because I was so sloshed. Hey, I was at a tender age of 22, I don’t have to justify my actions!

Anyways, this time, as a mature 29 year old working lady, I decided to class it up a little and stay at the Trump Plaza hotel where every single thing was gold, gold, gold. Seriously, chandeliers, carpets, bed furnishings, curtains, chair cushions, dresses on drunk ass Jersey girls, GOLD. It was incredible. I felt so classy. Not.

I had a really good time. I did lose $125 at the blackjack tables though, but I expected that. I’m a very unlucky gambler. That’s why I only do it once every seven years.

Anyways, on the Saturday we were there, we woke up hungover, craving beers and greasy food. My friend Ryan suggested we go to Tun Tavern, a brewery slash restaurant. So off we go.

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Fridge Clean-Up: Kimchi Fried Rice


I made this recipe on the day of the Superbowl. I had a super delicious brunch that morning and had a few hours before I had to leave to watch the game at a friend’s house (hi Alex!). I was getting hungry again and I didn’t really feel like eating Superbowl food for dinner. While I appreciate a good slice of pizza, this Asian soul was craving something that tastes a little closer to home.

I only had an hour before I had to leave for the game and looking at the contents my nearly empty fridge, only one recipe came to mind: kimchi fried rice! Fast, delicious, spicy, and easy, oh so easy.

In general, you can make fried rice with pretty much anything. Trust me, I’ve tried it. Spam fried rice, hot dog fried rice, even bacon and apple fried rice (not for the faint-hearted). As long as you have the basic ingredients (rice, soy sauce, etc.), you can have this hearty dish in twenty minutes. This particular afternoon, I also had a half empty container of kimchi(most delicious friekin thing ever), a handful of frozen shrimp, and leftover crab meat.

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Listicle: Kitchen Wishlist

So the computer I use to do all my work and fun stuff, i.e. blogging, is totally on the fritz. Some nasty viruses infected the hard drive and the laptop has been in the shop for 5 days now. I haven’t been able to do my freelance work (I have 2 jobs, yeah, I’m ambitious), haven’t been able to watch my downloaded Korean dramas (yes, I’m a nerd), haven’t been able to access my food pictures, hence not being able to write blog posts. I am DYING!

Anyways, due to this majorly catastrophic event, I came up with a different kind of blog posts, aside from the regular restaurant write-ups and recipes. Listicles! Those are always fun, and so easy to do! I’m lazy (but also ambitious, ha), so easy things delight me.

Without further ado, I present you with my first listicle: kitchen wishlist! I am poor (but ambitious!), bad with saving money, and am proud owner of solid bank-breaking weaknesses such as sales on Gilt, overpriced speakeasy-style cocktails, sushi-grade salmon fillets (dude they are so expensive ferreals), etc. etc. So… being perpetually poor, I have a list of fabulous things I wish I own and since this is a food blog, I’ll only list food-related products duh.

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Boozy Birthday Brunch 2010


Hi y’all! How’s 2010 treatin’ you so far?

Mine kind of blows so far, actually, it’s been insanely sucky, but I’ll whine to you in a separate post. This post will solely be dedicated to the anniversary of another year’s past since my parents did the dirty and made little ol’ me! Aka: my birthday!

I turned 29 last month. 29? What? That’s insane! You look like a baby! Thank you, I know. Thank you God for making me Asian. PS: I feel like I talk about being Asian so much in this blog. But I AM one, and hey I got Asian Pride! Asian Asian Asian Asian Asian x 100000

Sorry about that.

Anyways, this year I decided to not have a raging party to celebrate the burfday. I had a bangin party last year, and to be honest, 29 isn’t really like a magical uber important milestone anyways. Next year though, watch out. I’m going all out. Crystal, coke, and hookers. Y’all invited.

So this year I decided to have a little soiree at one of my favorite brunch spots in BK: Sette Enoteca.

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