Mia Hungry Long Time!

Dim Dimmie Dim Dim (Sum)


It was one of those days. I woke up with an insatiable craving for steamed meat in baskets. Dim sum, babes!

I love, love, luuuurrrrrvvee (imagine me purring here) dim sum! We Asians prefer the savory stuff for breakfast to those sweet syrup-drenched dishes you Emricans eat. Pancakes and french toasts? Yes, they can be absolutely delicious and I certainly have fond memories of eating them (Usually made by dangerously sexy breakfast companions, meow!) (Note: this really only happened twice, but I wanted to seem in-demand, rawr!), but I’d take dim sum any day.

This particular day, I woke up STARVING. I grabbed a friend and off we went to the closest place to my apartment that would have an authentic dim sum experience: Brooklyn’s Chinatown.

See, not many people are aware of this adoraballs little ‘hood in the Borough Park. When people think Chinatown, they think Manhattan. While the Manhattan one is huge and densely packed with every imaginable Asian restaurant, the Brooklyn one has one clear advantage: it’s closer to my house.

First we went to Pacificana, supposedly the reigning dim sum restaurant in this neighbourhood.

But no, it was insanely packed. Curses!

Please note that I did embarked on this adventure at 1 PM on a Sunday, which is prime dim sum time.
Hmmph, I wonder how many times I’m going say dim sum in this post.
The lady at the door told me the wait would be around 45 minutes and babes, I was not having that. Not at all. Also, we had to take a number like everyone else and the lady was yelling out the numbers in Chinese. More curses!

I called my cousin, who’s married to a Chinese lady hence in my head the most legitimate source of Chinese food knowledge, and he told me to haul my butt to King Star, a few blocks away.

The walk was nice. I love walking around in this area. All the requisite weird Chinatown things are always there, but the streets aren’t as kill-me-now packed as the Manhattan version.

Fruit stand!

Dragon fruit has the most gorgeous effing skin ever. The color! Oh the color!
And how bad-ass is that name? Dragonfruit? Pretty bad-ass if you ask me.

I’m not really sure what these are. Acorns? Help.

This stinky seafood joint had the sexiest basket of blue crabs I have ever seen:

And these! What in the what are these?

They look like little soldiers!

So we finally got to the joint.

Here’s their info:

Even though the place was pretty packed, they definitely had the capacity to seat lil’ ol me and one friend.

Let the feast began! Bring it on cart-ladies, come to me, you temptresses!

I have no idea what this was but it was yumsies. I think it was a combo of pork and shrimp (which seems to be the common “filling” in dim sum dishes) wrapped in tofu skin.

I also have no idea what the following two dishes were. Sorry babes. I had them a bunch of times before but I really can’t tell you what they were.
Whatever, you’re just here for the pictures anyways right?

Then I had a bowl of chicken feet soup.

Kidding! Loads of people have told me about the deliciousness of this delicacy but I just can’t. No can do.
I am not brave. I am chicken shi… oh wait.

Now on to my favorites:
Pork and shrimp shumai.

Hakau: shrimp wrapped in “pearly” dumpling skin. Oh lord. I remember being super tiny, like 6 years old and LOVING these bad boys.

So clean, simple, and tasty.

We had to ask the ladies for these pork buns because for some reason the “bun” cart wasn’t coming to our area.

These were so good. Oddly enough, my favorite part was the bun. The filling was delish but I LOVE the bread. I can eat that warm, dense bread anytime.

We ate all these things in about thirty minutes. Apparently I was in some kind of imaginary solo speed eating contest, because at this point I was stuffed.
But hey, dessert!


I love these sesame balls. I flip the freak out whenever I see them.
Again, those balls brings me back to little Mia, just loving the hell out of them.
Oh that sounded wrong.
Whatever! I love them oh I love them. Crackly sesame seeds on the outside, sticky glutenous rice body, and best of all, sweet bean paste in the center. Argh, I’m freaking out just thinking about them.

With that, we were finished.

As always, we ended the Chinese meal with a few cups of the hot bitter tea. Break that fat down, tea, break it down!

Overall it was a truly satisfying experience.
Not the best dimsum I ever had, but pretty damn good. And oh, crazy cheap! I forgot how much we paid but I remembered it being cheap.

Photobucket: 4 hungrymias! I’ll go with you here anytime. Unless we’re in Manhattan, where there are some places that seriously have off-the-charts delicious dim sum.

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