Mia Hungry Long Time!

Thai Dinner #87965

So it is very difficult to write a blog post while you are anticipating a new episode of LOST.
Yes, I am a fan of the show.
By a fan I mean a super fan.
By a super fan I mean I am completely, ridiculously, Facebook-friend-of-a-few-fictional-characters-from-the-show obsessed.

But no worries, I am also a super fan of good Thai food.
Forget that, only GREAT Thai food.
Dudes, when you live in NYC, ethnic food is EVERYWHERE. And there are loads of good ones. Good Thai food is a dime in a dozen (read: Park Slope & Carroll Gardens). But great Thai? Mm.. just like finding a cute, smart, non-commitment-phobe dude in NY, it is very rare.
I live here:

Well, not there there. More like a block and a half from there.
About thirty steps (yes, I counted once)(I take small steps btw) from that train station is this place:

Behold! AM-Thai Chili Basil Kitchen!
Yes, the name makes no damn sense, and yes the facade is totally unassuming. But the food? Oh the food.. it is good.
Trust me.
You don’t know me well yet, I know. You will (unfortunately). But still, trust me.
This is what I had Monday night after work:

Bangkok Woonsen with Shrimp
which according to their menu is vermicelli with snow pea, bean sprout, scallion, and egg. But according to me, is a serving of super awesome slippery saucy naughty noodle thing.
And the shrimp! the shrimp! They are huuuuuggeeee. Big, juicy, meaty, fresh shrimp. I’m sure they were probably frozen at one point after the shrimphunters lured them away from their heavenly shrimpy ocean waters. But du-ude, they tasted so fresh. And there were six of them! SIX. That’s a lot for one person.
I of course at the whole damn thing.

Seriously though, look at that shrimp!
Tail on and everything!
Mm.. tail.. I mean mmm.. shrimp..

When it comes to shrimp, size does matter. Ha-ha.
There was also a lot of mushroomcarrotcabbage action, which was  ZOMG delish.

Don’t take my word for it though.
If you are too lazy to go to Kensington (though it’s totally worth it), check them out next Tuesday (March 31) at the Village Voice Choice Eat event. They’re on the bill along with other forty-something sinful restaurants (Fatty Crab, Fette Sau, Momofuke, etc). See, even the Voice is with me on this one.

Crap, LOST is on.

Rating:  = 5 hungry Mias, awesome, pig out!

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