Mia Hungry Long Time!

Pasta Blues


i will keep this one short because 1. it’s not so memorable and 2. i got yummy soup dumplings post coming up. and soup dumplings rock. so. hard.
but that’s later..

i was craving pasta. lovely miss sarah was happy to accompany me. because she’s awesome.
so we went here:


we’ve never been there before and the menu looks decent. good prices good selection.


the place was empty, with the exception of those people you see in the picture. it was well into lunch hour, around 12.30. by the way, there are LOTS of offices in hoboken. 12.30 is prime lunch time. the fact that this joint was empty, was probably not a good sign. but we had faith!
i mean come on, it had italian (i think) soap opera on:


and it had nice paintings of italy up in the wallizzles..


it was almost romantic.

plus i had a gorgeous little date:


ps: on this week’s episode of miss sarah’s amazing earrings:


so pretty!
anyways, the waiter was super nice, we had the place to ourselves.. it was lovely.
and now on to picking a lovely dish..


but uh-oh, there was an odd thing on the menu:


chicken kabobs!
in an italian restaurant!
red flag!

but it felt so pretty and authentic in there..

the bread was decent.


i ordered the linguini calabrese.. which was linguini with broccoli, tomatoes, and chicken in a butter and white wine sauce. sarah got pasta with eggplant. i forgot what it was called.


looks good, right?
the portions were HUGE. that’s always a good thing!
let’s look a little closer..


hmm.. shiny noodles.. big strips of chicken.. colorful veggies..
even closer..


big chunks of mushrooms! yay! i loooooooove mushrooms..

but the taste?


it wasn’t bad, really. not at all. it was just, well, meh. nothin’ special. i thought it could use a handful of salt, and i wasn’t diggin’ the chicken. in fact, i was so hungry that i ate the whole thing despite the blandness, but i couldn’t bring myself to eat the chix..it tasted weird. like it was old, i think?


but sarah’s dish was delicious!


perfectly al-dente penne, big chunks of cheese (mozzarella, i think), and the eggplant sauce was yummers!
she only ate half, because she’s teeny tiny, there wasn’t enough room in that lil’ belly.


she took it home and ate it for dinner.
sarah liked the dish a lot, though she did mention the sauce was a little watery. the eggplant was the star really, but then again, she’s kind of an eggplant-olic.

anyways, it was a good lunch.
and pretty cheap.


Rating: Photobucket = 2 hungrymias. not bad, not good. i probably wouldn’t go back, mostly because there are so many other italian joints in hoboken (and manhattan, and brooklyn, anywhere really). but the service was good, the place was cute, the portions were big, and the food was cheap. MEH.

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