Mia Hungry Long Time!

Dollar Dollar Dollar Beers

so last week sarah and i went to the Green Rock in hoboken for happy hour. we’ve been there a few times before, but only for happy hour. i really don’t know what the night scene is like over there because i’m usually already good and drunk by 6. because of this:



that’s right, i said dollar beers.
apparently it wasn’t a recession special kind of thing. the Green Rock always have dollar beers for happy hour. how amazing is that?
of course not ALL the beers were sold for a dollar, only three. i can’t remember what they are. i always get the yuenglings.
that night, we all did.
there’s sarah:

and kevin, my workbuddy:


looking very bond-like in that picture i think.

they were so happy to be there.


let’s get wings!
because wings are good with beer!
and this is a food blog!


they were SO good. perfectly spicy.


here are pictures of everyone making sweet sweet love to the wings (except for kevin, because he was being all “oh no thanks i’m good”):


that’s another one of my work buddies.

and i was very happy, of course


me love wings long time!!

after the wings, we had more beers. and a little more. and a little more.
here’s the damage:


twenty seven yuenglings.



Photobucket = 3 hungrymias for the wings, because though they were really good, i was a little intoxicated. and you guys know, everything tastes better when you’re all boozy. i will do a future (sober) inspection and report back.

Photobucket= 5 hungrymias for the beers. BECAUSE THEY WERE ONE DOLLAR EACH.

the end.


(next up, soup dumplings!)

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