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When in Beijing…


Summer of 2010. I spent five glorious days in Beijing, China. It was awesome. I was going home to visit my family in Jakarta when I figured I might as well tack on a few days and visit an old friend who was living in Beijing at the time (Hi Jarkko!). I had never been to China, I had a place to stay, so why the hell not, right? So I bought my ticket in like April, and waited eagerly for the trip. Unfortunately, about a few weeks before the trip, my friend told me that due to some sucky unforeseen circumstances he wasn’t going to be in Beijing at the time of my visit. DOOM! That was a total bummer. But anyways, he told me I can still stay at his place and he’ll have his friends (which consisted exclusively of Swedish dudes) show me around town. Well, seeing that I’m not the type who would say no to Swedish dudes a free baller apartment in the middle of an exotic city, I was stoked!

So there I was. In the middle of a strange city (where by the way, NO ONE speaks English – seriously, it was mindblowing), hangin’ out with a bunch of Swedish dudes, and having the best time of my life.

Okay. Since I have spent a total of five days in Beijing, I now consider myself an expert (obviously). So here is what I suggest you do (food-wise), when you find yourself in Beijing:

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Cha-Cha-Chain Me to The Tables at Cha Cha Chicken – LA


My dear shimmering glistening beautiful little cherubs, I dare you to tell me that the picture above is not the most beautiful sight you’ve seen today. Amiright amiright? You’re welcome.

Okay peeps, today I will take you to a magical place called Cha Cha Chicken. This place is seriously off the hook delicious. It’s a Caribbean joint in Santa Monica, LA. Yup, we are still in LA. I have saved the best for last for this place is ridiculous. Do you guys know that Henry IV was such a chicken fiend that he once said, “I want there to be no peasant in my kingdom so poor that he cannot have a chicken in his pot every Sunday” ? True story. Well if dude was still kickin’ it today, he would’ve said “I want there to be no peasant in my kingdom so poor that he cannot have a cha cha chicken in his pot every Sunday,” because their chicken is bananas.

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Another Day Another (LA) Diner – Swingers


Hello good people of the interwebs, we are now nearing the end of my LA posts from last year’s trip. I got another one after this one and then we are done done done. I’m actually going to LA again in a few weeks to have some sun day fun days with two of my girlfriends. We are going to shop on rodeo drive check out some thrift stores, hang out with super hot celebrities get drunk at some random dive bar, drive to malibu in a sick convertible probably get lost taking the bus since none of us actually know how to drive, and eat at some super classy gourmet spots spend at least 4 hours chasing the Kogi truck. It’s going to be epic.

Anyways, this post is about Swingers, a diner that my friend Alan took me to on the last day of my trip. I think there are two locations, but we went to the one in Santa Monica. Dudes, Santa Monica is rad. You see what I did there? I’m writing about LA so I used “rad” instead of “cool”. I’m such a brilliant writer.
Seriously though, it’s rad. I liked the shops and the restaurants, and it totally doesn’t hurt that it’s right near the beach. A real beach, not like Coney Island. It was awesome. We walked around for a bit and then we went to Swingers for breakfast.

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Breakfast at Metro Diner – LA (March 2010)

If you don’t hear from me again after this post publishes, it’s because Alan has murdered my ass. You see, Metro Diner is Alan’s favorite breakfast/brunch spot in LA and it is kind of a secret. Whoops, NOT ANYMORE. Now that I have published it in my blog, everyone knows! By everyone I mean approximately seven more people know!

So yeah, at this point I was still in LA. I think this is the day after the Arcadia soup dumplings meh-ness. We went out and got drunk right after that at this swanky speak easy style bar somewhere in West Hollywood. I forgot what it’s called but it was crazy. My drink was this cucumber martini thing which I suspect was just cucumber juice and like Georgie vodka (kidding!) but it was like forty five bucks a glass. I’m exaggerating. It was more like forty four. Anyways there were a bunch of celebrities there too like some cast member from Always Sunny, and Aziz Ansari. I also totally had a brain fart moment that night and made a complete fool of myself in front of them “important” peeps but that’s a story for another day.

ANYWAY, we got hammered blah blah so brunch was fo sho’ in order the next day. So we went to Metro Diner.

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Soup Dumplings at Din Tai Fung – Arcadia, Los Angeles (March 2010)

Okay. Yes. I suck. I am lazy.

I have an out-of-town friendslashblogreader, probably the only one who still does at this point (YO SKY!), who every few months sends me scolding text messages about the lack of activity on this blog. I met him when I was still so pumped about this thing and now as you can see, I am one big take out container full of LAZY. So here we go, I need to get rid of my backlog so the next few posts will be brief and just full of pictures and random commentary. And no spell or grammar check HAHAHHA good luck you guys.

This set is from my last trip to LA, which was jesusgoddamnchrist almost a year ago! You guys know how I’m super obsessed with the soup dumplings at Joe’s, right? Well on my LA trip we drove like an hour out of the city to Arcadia to Din Tai Fung, this big Chinese joint that supposedly has pretty rockin’ soup dumplings.

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Testing blogging on the go

Okay so I know I’ve been MIA yeah yeah bad blogger I get it. I have hundreds of backed up pictures and I’ll get to them. And oh, I miss you guys too, my sweet cherubs.

Anyways in an attempt to get myself out of the dark ages, I bought myself a fancy little toy: the new iPod touch (4g). While it’s beautiful and sexy and stuff (hd video cam and front facing camera!!!), the regular camera sucks major ballage. So it’s prob won’t replace my trusty laptop for regular posting, but since there’s a wordpress app I figure it’ll be great for blogging on the go! So here’s my first attempt.

I cant caption or embed pics on this thing so they’re all at the end of this post. Anyways the pics are from a few mins ago (OMFG technology!) from my lunch date at Sri Thai, my absolute favorite Thai joint in Hoboken. I went with my impossibly good-looking coworkers, Sarah and Ryan. I got shrimp fried rice, S got fried tofu and duck salad, and R got BBQ beef. Babes, they were delicious!

So there you go. Blogging on the go. I hope this doesn’t look like crap, I can’t preview it for some reason. Sorry for the crappy pictures!

Kisses and garlic breath,


PS: typing on a touchscreen is the suck. You bitches better appreciate!

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A lesson in posing (a barely food-related post)

So I have NOT been in the mood to write in this blog lately. I’ve been going through a little bit of a health issue. It’s nothing major, just a thyroid thing, and everything is pretty much under control but the medication I’m taking is affecting my appetite hard core. Like I’m not as hungry as I usually am. And that, babes, is a major tragedy.
Once I get this thing completely taken care of, then I should go back to being superhungrylongtime. Until then, blah-city! I do have a back log in posts and I’ll put those up eventually.

Anyways, earlier this week I visited a family that I used to work for. I used to work as a full time nanny for them and even though it’s been a few years since I quit, we have stayed extremely close. I love them, especially the kids, those lil’ monsters.

The little girl, let’s call her Munchkin, is a big ball of adorableness. Seriously, this girl is so damn cute. I take pictures of her constantly, and this afternoon was no exception. She loves it.

First, I try to get her to give me a normal beauty shot.

“Munchkin, give me a big ol’ gorgeous smile!”

“Stay still, damn it. Still!”

Of course she won’t stay still, that beautiful little brat.

“Mia! Let’s do funny face picture!”

“No! Pretty smile!”




“Let me see! Let me see!”

*I showed her the picture

“Okay now you do one too! FUNNY FACE MIA!”



“Mia that’s no funny picture! MORE FUNNY! Like me!”

“Okay, Munchkin.”

She looked at the picture.

Clearly disappointed, she said “Mia you’re bad. That’s no funny. You no funny!”
And with that she walked away.

Defeated, I bribed her with a cupcake. (see I told you this is barely food related)

Gosh, she is beautiful.
I watched her eat the cupcake in superhuman speed.

“Mia take more picture! I wanna do pretty smile picture now!”

“But, Munchkin, you have cupcake all over your face. Let me wipe it off first.”

“NO! Pretty smile picture now!”


She was right. It doesn’t get any more “pretty smile”-y than that.

This girl has my heart.

Hope ya’ll doing well.

Love and lots of pretty smiles,


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The Godmother of Sandwiches – Bay Cities in LA


Two posts in two days! I am ON FIRE!

Okay so remember I was telling you yesterday that I was sick? Well, I took a Nyquil at around 11 last night to help me with the cold and snifflyness galore and whatdayanow, 10 minutes later I was out cold! See, I usually don’t go to bed until around 2 or 3 in the morning. I know, bad girl, right? Raaeeeeeeght? For some reason, I just can’t go to bed any earlier than that (unless it’s the weekend and I’m BAZONKED on alcohol – passing out doesn’t count), even when I try really, really hard. But babes, I had a glorious 8 hours of sleep last night. And today? Whoah I was a super productive machine! I worked super hard at my day job, I worked super hard on my freelance gig (for four hours!), and now I’m bloggity blog blogging. So, Nyquil = OH HELLS YEAH.

Okay, I promise I won’t get addicted to Nyquil. My robotrippin’ days are behind me. Kidding! I never actually robotrip, but my friends did. Damn I’m lame.

Anyways, here’s the first (of plenty, trust me) food post from last week’s LA trip. Tonight, my sweet sweet friends, I will take you to Bay Cities Italian Deli and Bakery.

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